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A story of purple inspiration.

This is a lovely print of the Dreaming in Color Luman Deck's "Competition" card. When I received the print from Mindy Sommers, I went right out to get a frame for it, and found a large frame on sale in the drugstore and brought it home. The corners were silver, so I painted over them with black gesso. When you live in a small town you make do with what you can find.

At one point this frame was standing on a table, but the cats knocked it down and the stand broke off, so I hung it on the living room wall. I was going to do up a montage of pictures around it on illustration board, but that didn't happen.

After a year I remembered some wooden fish that had been sitting in a bag for two years. The fish originally were supposed to be on a wall mural that I was planning to paint in the dining room, depicting seaweed and plants of the sea with these colourful 3-D fish disporting about, but that didn't happen. Then there was the red room with flowers idea that didn't happen either.

My rapturous concepts and visions for walls must sometimes be replaced.

I've been meaning for some years to gather lilacs in the spring and take a photo of them with this Competition print. This will be the year as the lilacs are coming out now.

Fish like lilacs paired with fractals. Fish like purple. Fish seem to have a lot of conceptual ideas.

I once wrote a series of six essays called "Competition on Safari" with this picture. One essay was all about competition and the marketplace and the pet industry in relation to the card.

There were no fish in it though.

The other pictures are of DIC cards framed which I find very inspirational, and a ceramic tile nesting with one of my antique plates and fresh flowers from the garden.

And that's the story of purple inspiration.
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