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Step 15

There is only one person in my Star card I did not name her.

The Star from Tarot of Dreams

Q: what are you doing here in space?
A: shedding light on the world
Q: what are the 2 vassals with a rainbow in them?
A: This is light; White light contains all the colors of the rainbow
Q: nice tiara is you a queen? Princess?
A: I am a co creator of the universe
Q: how come you are naked?
A: cloths are a man invention not mines I do not need nor require them; I am clothed in the night sky
Q: Anything else I should know
A: we could write volumes on that
Q: (laugh) anything specific for today
A: Trust in your intuition, no matter how dark it seems it will always get better latter

Real life: way back when I was still drinking and when I first got sober I was dealing with a lot of depression and some day’s life was no fun to live in.

Now that I look back at it life was not so bad and after my worse times came some of my best times.

I think this card say ' there is light at the end of the tunnel"
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