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Hi, group! I really enjoyed your creative (and, of course, revealing!) dialogs! I like the way some of those characters (the fish and coyote's Star, especially) get a little cheeky, or at least imperious!

My characters lean more toward diadactic, instead. But it's a lesson I need to learn, of course!

So here we go!

Step 15, Dialog with Manga 4 Wands

I dialoged with the main character (the Girl), members of the crowd (you can only see their hands on the card), and the bamboo poles (the wands).

Rachelcat: What are you doing?
Girl: Dancing!
R: Why are you dancing between poles?
G: It keeps me from encroaching on others' space and them from encroaching on mine.
R: Are you afraid your fans will crush you?
G: No. They stand back a bit so they can see the whole dance. They care more about the dance than about me, the dancer, personally.
R: Do you like getting little hearts all over you?
G: Yes! They match my dress!
R: What do you want?
G: I want to be admired for doing a good job as well as for being attractive.
R: What do you do when you're not dancing?
G: I'm a college student. Education major.
R: Are you going to teach dancing?
G: No. Something more academic. Dancing is just a part-time thing for me. But I always make time for it.
R: What do you have to teach me?
G: Do NOT limit yourself! If there's something you want to do, find a way to do it! What's stopping you? Age? Money? don't blame those things! You may think I'm lucky--I have my whole life ahead of me. Well, you've got the rest of your whole life ahead of you, too!
R: What is your advice on my current and perennial issue, my relationship with my husband?
G: Don't be so reserved. Yes, you've been hurt, but you don't always have to be on the defensive. What's the worst thing that could happen?
R: I guess I've already been through the worst (that I would allow to happen).
G: Exactly! Don't be afraid to express yourself. And it doesn't hurt to allow yourself to act/be attractive to him (or anyone else).
R: I know, but if my feelings for him aren't there, isn't that just leading him on?
G: Open up. The feelings are there. In the same place as your feelings of attractiveness. Let them both out. Enjoy your life so you can enjoy your life with him!
R: I don't think I'm ready to do all this yet, but I'll think about it.

R: What are you doing and what do you want?
People in crowd: We love the beauty and we want to enjoy it and add to it with our hearts!
R: Have any of you danced here before?
Woman: I did, but not as beautifully as she is! She definitely has the right attitude for this!
R: What additude is that?
Woman: She's not afraid to inject a little sex-appeal!
R: Men, do you think she's putting in too much sex appeal, or not enough?
Young Man: Everything is tinted with sex. That's part of the beauty! But it's certainly not salacious!
R: Do you think she's deceiving you or leading you on?
YM: It's all part of the dance! It's not personal, it's just her cool attitude.

R: Bamboo poles, what's your role in all this?
Back right pole: We're here to set her off, make her look good. Set her off as special.
R: How can you help me? Do I need to be set off as special in some way?
Front left pole: maybe we should draw in closer to you, so you're not quite so set apart and protected. Mix it up with the crowd a bit more! They're right on the other side of us poles. There are no cross pieces to fence you in. You can go in and out of our enclosure whenever you want!
R: But can't others come in, too?
Back left pole: Only if you tell us it's ok!
R: Once again, I don't think I'm ready, but thanks. I will remember that you are just enough protection, but not too much.

Well, this is very good advice from my dear card. While the girl and the crowd were a bit in my face, the poles made me feel like I could actually do this! But I know they're all right about this. This same advice to open up also came to me in a weekly astrology email I got today!

Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology Newsletter, May 23, 2007, for Cancer: "I feel a poignancy about the way you have kept yourself from revealing your full beauty. Please come in from out of the dark and shine the full blast of your iridescent light."

The universe is really hammering it home. I guess I'm a little late in getting it and so need to catch up! (But, as you can see, I'm even non-committal to my own card!)

I've got some work to do, huh?
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