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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SEVENTEEN

Step 17; yes, we are really making progress here. In the last step we drew our impressions and interpretation of our chosen card -- all of them in sketch form. In this step we go into our card again, adopting its posture, placing our body into the card's place and feeling. We become the primary figure in our card.

Mary states that this is something, this enactment, she often does in every reading -- if only partially such as arranging her hands or having the querent do this (I suppose). She goes on to note that some decks may be better for this than others.

Step 17-1 uses the Four of Pentacles and gives specific instructions to follow. I see this as giving us a model to follow for the next portion of the exercise.

Step 17-2 uses our chosen card and also has specific comments for us to be aware of and to follow.

As with the other steps, this one promises to be exciting and insightful as we seldom get to act out our tarot figures. Truly, have fun with this. Dave
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