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My Fey FOOL is kneeling, holding a jack-o-lantern (pumpkin with a carved face) that is glowing, touching his chest, eyes wide in bewilderment and surprise.

In my drawing (done in the last step) I had added key holes to his face and to the pumpkin as well as sprinkled more keys around him.

In assuming the position and role of the Fool I have become aware of more differences. In the visual exercise (16) I had drawn the Fool grasping the pumpkin top and bottom with both hands. I like to manage situations and any projects that I'm engaged in -- so two hands on the pumpkin. In this step (17) I'm holding or touching my chest with my right hand (as in the card), holding the pumpkin with my left hand. This immediately gave me a "drawn in feeling in the chest" as if I had the air sucked out of me by the discovery of this strange thing.

Despite the "lightness" of the glowing pumpkin it began to feel heavy and my left arm actually dropped slightly. Now this surprised me as I was just doing an exercise and didn't realize how into it I was.

From this I have gained an appreciation of much the Tarot really follows our own life. The Fool's surprise and astonishment, his experience of this new encounter, and the possible questions and reactions that can flow from those feelings can now be more appreciated. I almost expect him to move upon the card much like Harry Potter's photographs. At this point I'm not sure if I have gone within the Fool or if he has come into me. However, he may have moved to the status of a "friend" at this point. Dave
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