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21 ways step 17

I am not sure if we are supposed to post out findings with the 4 of pentacles. But here goes.

First the major thing I received was paranoia!! I was holding on to the pentacle by my belly like it was my first borne. And paranoia is an unfounded fear!! also I was so concerned with holding onto the pent by my belly and stepping on the 2 by me feet( like when you do when you drop some change and you cover it up with your foot so no one else takes it). That the pentacle on my head was liable to fall off.

Trying to balance the one on my head was real hard all I had to do was put them both on my lap and it would have been easier. I also get the feeling that pentacles where so much a part of my base it was taking over my life. Where as the pentacle by my most spiritual charka was just left there wily nilly.

And last but not least when I relaxed my hands the pent on my stomach fell to my lap and the top pentacle did not fall off it almost was not there but as I could not see it I could not tell.

Now on to my star first I could not actually find a star to put my foot on but I did turn of my lights in my room and light a candle. I copied her crane stance for a bit, I tried to mimic her hand and arm angles while attempting to pour something. Her head is turned towards the front. This is almost the same stance we use in Tai Kwon Do when we are about to execute a side kick.

The biggest thing I felt was a sense of balance. And she was really connected to all things around her. After that was the way she was turning her head she was not looking down at people but more hoping her light would help people.

How this applies to me (for some reason this card is all about recovery to me) In AA we go on speaking commitments where one group sends a few speakers to another group and we share our experience strength and hope. This is how it felt when she was pouring the light and ht e way she looked down her eyes was closed like she was empathizing with the people she was trying to help.

I have a martial arts background in Tai kwon do and other Korean martial arts that I really want to get back to I am just trying to get back in shape after 3 years off because I broke my ankle and gained way to much weight to spar especially at 37. Balance is important in martial arts and also in life if I get to down on my self for simple things depression will set in and if I get to excited over good things I ride the “ pink cloud” and am not grounded.

only 4 more steps to go I think I am keeping the same deck but changing cards for the adept thing.
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