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to me this card represents mastering the forces within you, to become a magus yourself, new skill sbeing learnded with will power and much dedcated focus. i feel this card can show also some decpetion depending on what is asked of the spread, as the magus can hide a persons untruths, the mastery of covering over the issues they hide ... i feel this card urges the person to rely on their strong sense of will to get something new started and to work at their goals with concentrated effort to conjure into reality what they wish to achieve ... to me the magician shows you as being a powerful master at your own skills and desires and true will and sheer determination will get you to where you want to be in life if related to work or relationships etc. new periods of learning is related to this for me too, a time where the querrant will begin anew in an area they seek and getting to grips with accomplishing a new gift or trade.
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