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Step 17 - Fantastic Menagerie


17:1.1 - for this step I used the 4 of Pentacles from the Radiant RWS.

17:1.3 - What did I discover? Actually I discovered several things:

- I discovered that I moved with much more confidence when directing myself from my solar plexus there the central pentacle was absorbed. I used to dance (ballet, modern, jazz) and it was the exact same place where I danced from. My body immediately began dance moves it remembered from 20 years ago. Felt great!

- I discovered that I am holding on to indivuduality very tightly. Almost defensibly.

- I don't know anything of chackras, other than color & location, so I am not sure what to make of the location. As a dancer it is one of the points of alignment and stability between upper and lower body. So in that sense it would be a stabilizer. In this case my induviduality defines me - stabilizes and directs who I am.

OHHHH NOOOOOO .... this is all starting to connect with those darn fish in my star card in Step 15 ~rolls eyes~ ...

17:2.2. Following exercise 17:2.1. which was to assume the position of the Ibis-Woman in my Star card:

- What in my body wanted awareness? all of it, physical and senses.

- Describe it: It is a feeling of motion, yet mental stillness to feel and absorb everything in the environment. To be one with the environment yet totally aware of it. To breathe it, feel it, touch it, see it, move within it, smell it, be it.

- How does it feel in the body? It feels relaxed, poetic, like a quiet dance.

- Sense its moods and emotions: There is no thinking it is all pure awareness, acute senses, serenity, completeness. It is quiet but fulfulling. It feels at peace, whole, healthy, fresh, rejuvenating.

17:2.3. Is an action suggested? Yes, walking forward slowly, elegantly with leading foot slightly turned out like a dancers. Hands touching and brushing all of the plants on the way into the water. As the Ibis-Woman moves forward she want to look down and slowly, but panoramically, look at the fish on either side, but moves cautiously to not disturb the fish or the dragonfly on her shoulder.

- What from your life realtes to this action? Spirituality and consciously working on self-awareness, honest assessment and awareness without judgement. Trying to see the real picture of self in my environment and how I act and interact in it.

- Is there anything I need to know? That I can only move forward. That there are others affected by what I say and do. That I need to be aware of them as part of my environment not a disruption to it. That I am part of a whole not an isolated character in a story. That ever action causes a reaction, and repeated actions cause deep-seeded reactions that become habits and or patterns; in both me and those in my environment, which lead to assumptions being adopted as realities.

17:2.4. How do you feel? I feel like a flower opening up. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, confident. I feel good. I feel at peace.
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