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Step 18 - Fantastic Menagerie

Deck: Fantastic Menagerie
Card: The Star

- What figure on the care are you? The dragonfly.

- Are you standing, sitting, or laying down? I am standing perched on the Ibis-Woman's shoulder.

- What are you holding? I am holding onto the Ibis-Woman's shoulder.

- What gestures are you making? I'm smiling, and slowly adjusting my wings to maintain my balance.

- How do you feel? I feel daring, a little nervous, adventursome.

- What is your relationship to other being in the this card? I'm nothing to the Ibis-Woman, but she does seem to like my companionship. Perhaps we will become friends. The fish definetly think I'm food, so they are predators and definetly to be avoided at all cost as far as I'm concerned. I like the Ibis-Woman; she smells like flowers, and she is pretty and graceful.

18:1.2. I really enjoyed being the dragonfly. I loved the feeling of having wings and them effortlessly adjusting to help me maintain my balance. I liked the "adventure" sensation, it was like a personal inner secret. I felt courage too. I also felt protected, while at the same time a little nervous and scared. I was daring, which is what made me smile. I really tried to ignore the fish, they are what made me feel nervous, one slip and I might have been fish food.

This was a lot different from the embodiement exercise for me. I like writing short stories on occassion, so the imagination step was much more natural and comfortable to me. It was familiar. I found the step to be more free and fun.
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