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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
Fish -- they are ugly, smelly and someone went to a lot of trouble to hide them underwater. So, leave them there. Dave

PS: Can you believe that anyone from New England doesn't like fish and crawly things from the ocean? It must be fate that I've ended up with a fish pond, a river and two waterfalls in the front-yard rock garden with 18 fish that I have to take care of. Still, I don't like fishing and don't care to eat them.
Dave that is so harsh! ~chuckles~. Perhpas Coyoteblack and I will come feed your fish, bet they pop up to the surface like the ones in my Star card when they see food coming *LOL*.

Actually as a good pisces I love to watch fish swiming around. I went literally nuts when I went scuba diving, it was heaven. I would so move into an underwater city given the chance. The colors in the ocean are simply amazing. There is a vastness and freedom that cannot be equaled .... oooppps sorry ... off topic, I'll be quiet now.
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