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Adept Level of 21 Steps.

I haven't really looked much at the Adept steps yet. We can certainly discuss how we want to approach them. While we could do a portion of them, I feel that the sequence of steps that Mary Greer has followed has had the benefit of later steps being built from/upon some of the earlier steps. That is helpful.

As for timing, I have generally been initiating follow-on steps once I see that most of those participating in the earlier step or two have posted. I have varied between 5 days and 8 or 9 days for the most part. We can also do something such as pick two or three cards ahead of time and use which ever of those that best suits the step and our interest that we are currently on.

So, I think we can have a discussion on this and take the suggestions that seem to have the most support and least objection and see if we can incorporate them into a process. NOW -- do we want another thread just for this discussion? Or, do you all want to just fold in comments as we move along? Dave
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