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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
So, I think we can have a discussion on this and take the suggestions that seem to have the most support and least objection and see if we can incorporate them into a process. NOW -- do we want another thread just for this discussion? Or, do you all want to just fold in comments as we move along? Dave
Yes, lets have a new thread to plan this. As I was telling Coyoteblack, I see the Apprentice steps as essential (in doing them all) to experience each way. But I see the Adept Steps as the next level, where one would focus on the steps one has found most useful for their style of reading. The Graduate level per se.

I would still think it important to not dismiss any step, so we would be responsible for reading through them carefully and then posting why we are not choosing to do that step. Those who want to do the step move forward with it. I think most of us that choose to puruse the Adept Steps have seen the benefits and will do a majority of the Steps, but there are some that will not suit our styles. As Coyoteblack noted, Mary lists some things that certain types of readers are most likely to use, that is a great starting point. Just my two pearls.

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