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Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 10 of Wands

I love the image on this card.
I think it's one of those very simple images that conveys it's meaning really well.

Against a deep orange-red background we see a man climbing some steps which are made of wands. There are 9 wands in the steps so far but the guy carries a 10th over his shoulder. We presume (or I do) that he is going to build the next step with this wand.

He's going up hill, it's hard work and on top of that he has a burden to carry and a task to do.
I love the way this card says that he's making his own hill to climb. He has so much on his plate, so many responsibilities that he's making his life harder for himself.
This card also shows that sometimes we have to go uphill, sometimes we have to work hard and take on those extra responsibilities to get to where we want to go.

Poor little guy
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