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Poor little guy indeed! The first thing that came to mind was an uphill battle, he seems to be make things harder for himself. Like he is putting obstacles in his path that perhaps need not be there, like a kind of self-sabotage in a way.

The wands don't appear to be secured into position with anything, just resting on top of one another. I don't know why but I had this image of them all come rolling down and the poor guy on his backside.

When I noticed that the wands were all stacked in an ordered fashion, I began to think that maybe this is all part of a plan. He has planned and organised everything.

To me it looked like he could use this last wand as a pole vault to leap across. It is like he is choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift (elevator). He is taking the long way round, the scenic route.

But then I thought about what happens when you take the literal scenic route... you discover things that you wouldn't have ordinarily. This made me think that he is capable of a whole lot more than perhaps he even realises, his undiscovered treasures.
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