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The Sun - 19

Robin has jam-packed "The Sun" with nothing but positive, upbeat and encouraging symbols. How can one remain blue or worried when viewing the child, so full of glee on a delightful pony, the Sunflowers and the brilliant, HUGE sun?! Depending on where this card falls in a spread, I'm generally assured that things are either brighter than I thought or surely will be so soon.

I often tend to go with the thought that reversed cards still carry some of the upright energy that is present in the card...perhaps that energy is somewhat blocked or that I simply was so close-minded in the past, I didn't see it at first.
In any case, rarely does this card reversed mean the opposite, at least to me, of what it stands for. There's simply too much positive energy exuding from it to be completely negative.

I also appreciated Robin pointing out, in the book, that the child in "The Sun" wears the same red feather as "The Fool," and also sports a wreath of white roses. It's neat to think that the child, even after going through much of the Fool's journey, remains positive, joyous and loving. Not to mention that the Fool is depicted younger (at heart) than when he started his adventure...something I plan to ponder further on as I continue my study...
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