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I posted this in another thread long ago it seems. I use the Celtic Cross mostly.
I learned Tarot with the Celtic Cross. It took a while but is truely a complete reading spread. I taught myself a ditty to remember it, and now I just go in a circle. It does look good to the questioner in a sort of professional way, probably because of the way you lay the cards out in a pattern.
ONE- is what the readings about
TWO- is obstacles in front of you
THREE- is where you aim to be
FOUR- is what went down long before
FIVE- is just gone but still alive
SIX-is the card of a new influence mix
SEVEN- is the questioner at this table
EIGHT- is whats around your stable
NINE- is all your hopes and fears
TEN-is the possible result, the product of the previous nine.
I lay them out like this- I do not use a signifier.
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