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Interesting slant on the traditional.

I like the observations that he has made this obstacle himself; like someone that puts more into work and with work comes even more responsibility. Until they can not handle it anymore. It is an uphill [or upstep] struggle to do everything with each step that is added.

And he has one more stick left. Does this suggest that this is nearly all over for him? For good or ill? His hand reaches out as if to secure a space for the final stick. This card might be advising someone that they are overdoing it and can not handle any more late nights at the office, parties out every night or a certain kind of lifestyle. They have pushed things to their limits. I would be very concerned about someone if I saw this - more so than the usual bloke carrying the bundle. They are climbing dangerously high, and if not warned, like someone else said, that whole load of sticks could just fall from under them. They are headed for a fall.

What a great card.

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