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Hi, all! I did this step about 2 weeks ago and am just posting it now, so I hope if makes some sense. (Also typing on my son's laptop, so bear with the typos!)

Step 17, Embodiment

4 Pentacles

It seems we all had very similar experiences with this one. I found the position of the man in 4 pentacles very uncomfortable. He is hunched over the middle one, so he has to do something uncomfortable with his head and neck to balance the top one. This made me aware of what I'm holding on to. In my mind it's anger, but in my bdy it's fear! I am self-conscious aobut not being balanced and graceful. (Some emotional abuse has emphasized that to me.) And when I was a child I even had physical illness and symptoms caused by "retentiveness" -- clenching, tightening, afraid to let go -- of something . . .

From the 4 pentacles pose, when I relaxed -- sat in the way taught in a meditation class, back and neck straight and chin/face slightly down -- I felt much better. I shrank the middle pentacle about half and balanced it on my lap instead of hunching over it. I also held my hands as in meditation.

So when I absorbed it into my body, it went to my diaphragm, the breathing and meditation place. This is also the place for courage. It will counteract fear if I use it for that. (Solar plexus, hara, etc.)

4 Wands

Even after all the studying of this card, it took me several tries to get the positioning correct. Then, since it is obviously showing movement (a snapshot), it took a while to figure out what the motion is. At first it seemed like a model turning at the end of a runway, ugh. But that right hand--its seems like a natural position, not a studied pose.

I ended up with the motion--a little girl twirling around to feel her fancy dress with full skirt, crinolines and new shoes. And then STOP to feel the skirt swirl around her.

It makes me think this is not a dance or runway--a show for someone else. It's an innocent indulgence in sensuality of self--I feel pretty! The smile is of true enjoyment of what she's doing, not part of a show.

That makes the crowd around her figurative. They are the loving family of a little girl, the security and love and support she feels so she can let go and enjoy herself in herself, safe and happy in her new clothes.

There's nothing to be afraid of.
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