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Originally Posted by frelkins
let me politely disagree. there is purposely ugly -- some picasso, some of the german expressionists, damien hirst -- and then there is the simply god-awfully untalented. alas, C falls into the latter category.
He lacks skills as a draftsman obviously but nonetheless I find I like a lot of it; if we must label it then naive expressionism is as good as any. I have heard he had some critical success in Germany in the 30's, not sure how accurate that information is however.

let's be honest: his poetry was terrible too.
A lot of it was, but there is a lot I like too. Proportionally more bad than good perhaps, but he was so prolific that still leaves a lot of good stuff, some of it very good IMO.

Originally Posted by ravenest
Do you like Crowley's artwork? I dont, I think it's terrible!
"Crowley says his pictures look more beautiful if you look at them with your eyes closed."

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