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You'd think that he would have done his own tarot early on in life, since he was so into the grade system of the occult lodges. Lady Harris should always get half the credit because she's the mother that nurtured his seed and gave birth to it. Plus he didn't agree with the way Waite had bastardized the GD tarot transforming it into basically a layman's deck, and you'd think he'd have wanted to overshadow that one as soon as he could have.

For Frelkins, I'm not saying Aleister was very talented as an artist, but the ugliness he put into his portraits was definitely intentional. For example, that biglips portrait was probably a statement about somebody who liked to run their mouth, and obviously not an example of how he can't get proportions right.

For Kwaw, there's no way his art would have been tolerated in Germany during the 30's. A decade earlier, now that's another story.
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