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Originally Posted by kwaw
As I say I am not sure, something in the back of my head which I can't pin down to any references as yet. No doubt in being compared with German Expressionism, as I vaguely recall it has been, Crowleys work would have suffered the same categorisation as 'degenerate art' by the right wing and to the same prohibitions and conservative backlash after Hitler's rise to power in 1933; however his exhibition was in 1930 and it was still possible then for fans of the modern and of expressionism in particular to have voiced some critical approval in the early 30's. However while it is possible that approving comparisons were made with what we now term German Expressionist I can't find references to such at the moment, and probably any such appreciation never materialised in terms of any actual sales. And of course the polemics of the sharply polarized environment in which he chose to exhibit would generate defenders and admirers, which would arise purely from the dynamics of opposition to conservative reactionary forces than any inherently objective appreciation or valuation of artistic merit.
what does that mean if you were to explain to a.. say... 2 year old?
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