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Here it is, from John Symonds "The Beast 666" (London, Pindar Press, 1997) -

(late 1930) "A certain Nierendorf who owned or ran the Porza art gallery in Berlin called on Crowley at his Berlin studio, looked at his paintings, told him (according to Crowley) that there were only three other living painters to be classed with him, and that he could get Reichmarks 25,000 per picture. He offered (for a fee) to open the doors of the Porza to Crowley's paintings.


"The exhibition opened (11 October, 1931)... Seventy-three of his paintings and drawings were shown; some of them were of old friends or new acquaintances: Leah Hirsig, Norman Mudd, J.W. Sullivan, and Aldous Huxley, who had recently arrived in the German capital with Sullivan."

(from pp. 460-463)

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