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Originally Posted by sacredashes
Migraine coming.. an awful lot of fancy words just to say that his work sucked/s but he got away with it. So people didn't say it was "NASTY!!" simply because of the rule of the day at that time was to oppose what was conventional ("boring"?) for the sake of opposing.

If they had their aesthetic senses intact and functioning under normal circumstances, they would have went "Good lord!! YOU call that art??!! My dog draws better than that!!"

And all this managed to take place because Hitler hadn't brought on his whip yet. Was that what you were trying to say?

LOL - yeah, a lot of fancy words, but it's a good way of looking at the situation.

Most art critics, amateur and professional, are far beyond "liking" most of the art they critique; they just have to put it into some kind of category, and think about it in terms of that category. Crowley put himself in a new category, "subconscious impressionism" - this is similar to the later surrealism. However, I think he is just a "naïve" - self-trained, and drawing like a child. But, he got quite skillful in some of his sketches.

For the art that art critics really like on a personal level, you will have to go to their bedrooms to see it

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