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MAAT Study Group-Princess of Coins

Week of the full moon in Pisces

"The full moon phase symbolizes generosity and the need to give to others. This phase implies an intuitive objective understanding of self and others."

Princess of Coins

Planetary ruler Mercury

The image for the Princess of Coins is a woman at the crossroads. She is the goddess Hecate. Sometimes equated with the death goddess, she is really the goddess at the crossroads. She has come to represent for me the peri-menopausal and menopausal woman. She still feels young and yet she is getting all the signs that the change is coming and that she needs to adjust to her changing self. She is at the peak of her life. Many of her hard fought dreams are manifested all around her. She is wise and strong yet there is a catch in her throat and she comes close to tears because she knows that nothing lasts forever. She is a metaphor for the time of the year that is the full moon in Pisces. Fulfillment also means completion and then it is time to move on. The garden now full will need to be harvested. Its beauty cut down and stored away. It is sad to say good-bye to the summer's sweet fertility, but there is joy in the activity of the harvest. Then when the work is done and there is time to rest again and remember, we are firm in the knowledge that spring will be indeed be coming again.

The goddess Hecate 'she who works her will' or 'with the bright headband', was said to have witnessed the abduction of Persephone. She is the patron of all those who stand at the border of life and death; especially the midwives, witches and healers. She rules dark intuitive wisdom.

Traditional tarot meaning: a child with dark hair and eyes, and the element earth

In a Reading: This card represents the mature woman who has reached many of her goals. She is apprehensive about what growing older will bring and yet she realizes she is the happiest and she has more freedom than ever before. She knows who she is.

*This month the Pisces full moon is eclipsed. This means that the shadow of the earth will cross her face and create the illusion of an entire moon cycle in just a few hours. People can get very fired up during the weeks prior to an eclipse. This is a time of inspiration, new ideas and rapid change. During eclipse times it is wiser not to act impulsively on some of your new ideas as sometimes the excitement can be short lived and you end up wasting time on things that don't really pan out. Better to let all the ideas simmer for a while and see what sticks. In about two to three weeks you will have a clearer idea of what should come next and which changes and ideas are for real.
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