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I'm Here!! studying this deck too! LOL!!

I love this deck and totally agree the druidcraft images deepen colemans smiths meanings.. This 4 of Wands is similar to the Harmonious 4 of wands.. I always saw this card as one of those lazy Sunday mid-mornings., where everyone is still hanging around indoors still slowly slowly at their own sweet pace going about there business, maybe later when one thinks of it or feels like it may come to stoke the fire and maybe put the kettle on..LOL!! ..
I really get a peaceful happy homey sense with this card, Like a grounded stable sense of family , friends, and surrounds.,,

The floral garland throws me a little , as if a wedding is about to or has taken place... Maybe as mentioned before , the reason no-one is seen is because of the period the newly wedded , are secluded up in the hut for the bonding month after the wedding....

It truly has a peaceful contented feel about this card.. I wouldnt put a time limit on the contentment though personally.. unless surrounding cards would suggest otherwise..
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