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Question Mythic Tarot - Major Arcana Associations?

Can anyone either tell me or point me to a source for the Astrological and/or Elemental associations for the Major Arcana of the Mythic Tarot? I've looked in both the book and the workbook and can only find astrological associations for the Court Cards.

Since I can't find any information to the contrary, I'm applying Golden Dawn associations to the cards. For the specific purpose that I'm doing this (see thread, GD associations don't seem to be working.

GD associations also don't seem to be working for other decks where the Majors have been reordered. As far as I can tell, none of these other decks talk about Astrological or Elemental Associations for the Majors either. Then it occurred to me - if the deck's don't follow the GD ordering, then GD associations probably can't be applied to them. And unless/until I can find out what associations the author(s) use, I can't apply this other system to those decks.

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