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Hi Blackbird!

Like so many others, I come froma Christian background (Deacon is more than just a screen name). One of the difficulties I've had with the faith I grew up in is thatit seems to be okay to bring petitions and prayers to God, but woe to the person who actually gets an answer! And that - along with a host of other inconsistencies - just never sat right with me. I'm not really sure what to call myself now. I still have a lot of ties to Christianity, and a lot of respect for those who display the true Spirit of it, often in defiance of what is dictated by bishops, moderators or other "leaders." But I jsut don't know where I fit anymore.

I use Tarot for a lot of things; sometimes something as simple as looking at a beautiful and meaningful picture. But on a spiritual level, it is something that allows my conversations with whatever Higher Power is out there to be more of a two-way street. But - unlike a lot of Bible sutdy-guides that seem more geared towards telling you what to think - Tarot allows me and makes me think for myself. There's plenty of advice if I am willing to see it, but that nod towards my own free will means a lot to me.

I don't know if this is helpful at all to you. And there are others who can probably express what I'm getting at much more eloquently. But hopefully it helps ease your mind a bit. You may not be able to convince your minister friend of the good that can come from working with the cards, but ultiamtely your path to God is yours and yours alone to follow. It is you who must decide how and if you wish to communicate - both giving and receiving - with the Divine.

I truly hope you are feeling stronger and more whole. Blessings,

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