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Step 9 - Druidcraft Tarot - The Moon

I based my questions as if I was an extra character in the card and I also made up my answers, having said this though, it brought out some real issues for me.

1. Why are you feeling worried and anxious? The sounds those dogs are making is almost haunting and really I dont know where it is leading

2. But they are only dogs. Why are dogs so haunting? Its the whole picture! The darkness of the night, the full moon. I feel like Ive walked into a horror movie and the dogs will turn into monsters or something.

3. How do you think you could get over this spooky feeling? Well I cant escape darkness, I mean, it comes around roughly every 12 hrs. I need to confront what I am afraid of, acknowledge it and move on.

Part 2 of Activity 9:1

There are a couple of situations in my life right now that are holding me back. A probable change in my career brings feelings of fear, not knowing what is ahead and also fear of leaving my current position where I do feel safe at the moment. Another situation is having a very sick relative who is so close to death brings feelings of fear up for me too.

The timing of doing these exercises is pretty amazing. I havent done any steps for months and now the day I do this exercise co-incides with something that has been going on in my life recently that I am having trouble facing.
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