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For Geministar

Originally Posted by geministar
There are a couple of situations in my life right now that are holding me back. A probable change in my career brings feelings of fear, not knowing what is ahead and also fear of leaving my current position where I do feel safe at the moment. Another situation is having a very sick relative who is so close to death brings feelings of fear up for me too.
I am aware of both situations in your life, the career change being one we have spoken about and I have done readings for you on in the past. The theme of your fears in relation to this is not new, and I agree that this dialogue is wanting to lead you towards resolution of them. You know who you need to really sit down and talk to about your fears, maybe just doing that would allay your fears and allow you the time to really make a decision you are pleased with.

As for your relative, my heart goes out to you. Not only is there the pain of seeing a loved one suffer, but it always brings us back to our own mortality. Pain and fear are scary and haunting. But as the moon sets the sun rises, keep that in mind as well. Life is a cycle. ~hugs~
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