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I just got the Maat 4 days ago and am just loving working with it!! I have never been this in awe of the sense/emotional impact of a deck before. I had an intense immediate soul connection and understanding to these images and layers of meaning right from the moment I opened the box up. It was like holding a living entity in my hands!

I admit the card assignments to the lunar year/calendar right now seem a little overwhelming. But it seems there is a key....a main thrust of thought...that if I understand it, the whole system will all fall into place.

I really need to get some books on the Lunar calender and lunar astrology, I've always been so fascinated by these things, I do know some, but this is the perfect reason and time to really study it.

I just know once I truly understand the cycles and the cards within this wheel, this deck will just blossom and open the doors to it's secrets even more so than it already promises and has!
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