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Phantasmagoric Theater - Death

Just received this deck in the mail, and Death is my daily draw.

I like him, and I shouldn’t. Death is supposed to mean a big, dramatic scary change… but this guy… he’s cute. He doesn’t have a robe on, so you can see how fragile he is. The happy sun on the dark background… this card isn’t intimidating at all. But maybe that’s the point.

Perhaps… the change need to happen so quickly that he forgot his robe backstage, he didn’t have time to put it on. Or he’s supposed to be very spooky, letting us wonder how he stands up without tendons.

Graham Cameron says; “A celebration is taking place across the stage. A new beginning is upon us. Death makes itself known, clearing the way for a new start. A feeling of freedom fills our spirit.
The time of role-playing is complete, great progress has been made. Death has no hold on harmful habits; he sets us free. Carrying his scythe, he clears the theater for a new start, until once again we are in control of ourselves and obstacles are removed. Death is not a destroyer; he carries both happiness and sorrow, and both masculine and feminine elements necessary for creation. The future is born from the breakdown of the past. Death is a resolution to our problems.”

He frightened me a bit, though... because he popped out on a day where I'm starting to get sick.
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