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wow, this is FASCINATING! I am a christian, and I thought I was the only one on here! I have had pangs of guilt for being curious and learning tarot, but that has not made me stop, because frankly, it has made me question what I believe and why and also question..."who told me that?" and "why would they tell me that?" and I believe that is a very healthy thing to do! I also have read the entire Bible. And the Jesus I saw in there hung out with all kinds of people, and it was the RELIGIOUS people who had a real problem with that. People haven't changed since then, of course. Which is also the very reason that tarot is so interesting, because the archetypes are timeless and race-less. I am drawn to the psychology, the insight into human nature, the beautiful and sometimes astounding artwork. How many versions of decks, and yet the universal truths each conveys about the human experience. Written words have limitations and language barriers, but the pictures convey meaning across time and culture. I don't feel threatened by using the cards at all, though I am not attracted to the decks that have an overly occult theme. Because that's not my particular religion or viewpoint. That would just come down to my particular taste, no more so than anyone else.
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