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boxxleman, I am a Christian. Born and raised in a southern baptist environment, but was always encouraged to live, let be and accept others as they are.

I believe in Jesus as the son of God and the savior.

Tarot has been a blessing to me in many ways, but it opened up my spiritual senses from a visual perspective. It helped me to realized talents I never realized I had within me.

I have travelled all over the world and made it a point to experience many type of religions. I spend a few years in South East Asia and I married into a muslim family while living in Europe. My faith in Jesus is strong, but I also believe the Lord reveals himself to different groups of people in different ways. I don't subscribe to the idea the only way to salvation is through Christianity. I truly believe God looks into our hearts. I've taken and learned something useful from every ethical and moral religion I have experienced or learned about.

As a Christian you might find this article interesting....

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