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Originally Posted by frelkins
God spoke to Moses through a bush. God spoke to Balaam through a donkey. God spoke to Nebuchanezzer by writing on a wall. Why can't he speak to you through Tarot?
Exactly - and divination means as far as I'm concerned "Speaking with the gods". (A definition lacking in Merriam Webster).

I guess this religion/tarot discussion is all about how different religious and/or spiritual groups define God or gods, and what conclusions they draw from this definitions. If one knows by heart that it isn't bad or evil, it definitely isn't. It isn't. Telling other people what is good or bad for them is. I think.

As for me, I am some sort of a modern gnostic, thinking that all people via their Selves take part in divinity through a divine spark, and this divinity has something to do with knowledge, and knowing.

And I think that tarot is a tool or a way (in lack of better words) to access this knowledge, whether it is kept inside us or with the gods/God.

That was the short version. Hope it wasn't off topic.
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