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Talking MAAT Tarot Study Group -Exercise-pick 1 card for 2008

Hi Gang,
Thought I would try an experiment here. Hoping to get a dialog going on our
study group. And maybe take us in a new direction of activities. Here is a
simple exercise- Draw one card for 2008. I'll start.
My card for the year 2008 is...

The 6 of Coins
First Quarter Moon in Scorpio.

So here I see this little girl(me) all dressed up for a party with a gift
on my lap. The first thing that comes to my mind, is this my gift
to open or am I waiting to give this gift to someone else? Or will
the answer be a combination of giving and getting. Perhaps this card
will be symbolic of me trying to unlock and synthesis all I took in
during my trip to Egypt last fall,it was a huge 'gift' to get to go there.
The painting on the wall suggests perhaps I will be putting brush to canvas this year. The 6 suggests harmony, and Balance...there is MAAT again.

The moon is waxing giving the impression of the energy of increasing
light. I am pretty happy to get a first quarter moon as I am most comfortable when I am smack dab in the middle of working on something and I am starting to see some results. The only downside I could see here is having this fancy dress on is not too conducive to going outside and playing and there is an air of formality and waiting...the need to be/stay perfect.
Having the card depicting me symbolized as little girl also makes me feel like I am still a babe in the woods to the ways of the world or in the eyes of the world? Still needing to mature in some way.It is also a big mile stone birthday year for me turning 50...not much of a babe anymore really. Being surrounded by beautiful things is nice, but the whole scene does seem rather sedate. It reminds me of a photo I once saw in a book two kid sisters in perfect party dresses smiling pretty and then the next shot the same two sisters are covered head to toe in mud wearing the same party clothes.

Well I hope others will take the time to pull a MAAT card and see what they get for 2008. Your comments on my reading are welcome.

Happy New Year!

I'll just be sitting here in my little white dress waiting for a response.;-)
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