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What a cool thread and topic. For me the scariest card is the Lovers. To think that you could love or not have a choice to give yourself over to someone who could control you, and literally suck the life out of you,....sends chills up my spine just thinking about it.

The other is the Devil, enjoying the addiction to the point of it becoming a love interest. Think about it, it could be an addiction to money, shopping, drugs, food, sex, (well maybe not sex ), but anything that you could loose your soul to for the enjoyment of it. Very chilling indeed.

I find it interesting that with some of us like myself, view the cards as mental or a feeling. That scary portion of the ressesses of our minds that give life to the concepts. While others who view the deck, are more frightened of their physical implications. Sort of like the ethereal versus the physical. Neither one is wrong or right. This is very cool.

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