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21 steps step 11

DruidCraft. The Hermit.

21 ways step 11

Nine of Pentacles:
Benefits: True discipline, living well, instinct. Healthy, honour, self-awareness, self-reliance.
Liabilities: without control, begrudging others, regulations, gorging, dishonour, unaware, wanting to be dependent.

Page of Swords
Benefits: Truth, justice, carefree, observation, incisive
Liabilities: liar, ironic, uninvolved, contempt, cruel

The Chariot
Benefits: self control, goal orientated, skilful, confidence, admired, successful, mastery, victory
Liabilities: chaos, aimless, useless, weakness, shunned, under achieving, lost, defeat

My Chosen card: Ive decided to change it from The High Priestess. From now on I will use the Hermit. I choose this because its a primarily a more masculine card, in contrast to the High Priestess, though it remains a card of inward searching and learning.

Benefits: Time for oneself, patience, understanding, learning, challenging journey, wisdom, self-awareness, and self-containment.
Liabilities: shunning company, irritable, thoughtless, arrogant, lazy, ignorant, unaware, and immature.

I chose for this self-awareness. I found out that I was 7.5 on the scale. Not trusting my self totally I ask my partner, who is a psychologist (lucky me?!) I got a 6. So this is something I most definitely will be working on. As a tool I think it can be helpful though. Perhaps this is why I chose the Hermit
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