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I don't see this image as 'heavy labouring' or any sort of struggle or burden.

It strikes me quite differently!
Morph is steadily creating, and ascending, an upward path for himself. He's doing it in a very measured way, one stick at a time (by the look of it...). All the sticks are being positioned in an attentive & orderly manner. He appears very intent on his task.

Looks to me like someone pursueing an objective in a resolute way.
Other inferences could be drawn from this, like for instance; oblivious to what else might be going on around him - not seeing if there's an easier or less tedious way to ascend - questioning the need to ascend! etc.
Probably needs other cards to clarify.

I think this cards' reversal might be the negative 'labouring for nothing' meaning.


EDIT: One other thing occurs to me. The 3 x 3 steps already constructed are Nine (completion?). And he's carrying the 10th stick to the top. What's he going to do with it? Wield it? Proclaim something (his achievement)?
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