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But then you'd take the heart out of religion and spirituality - it would be like trying to make every human being the same...

It would be nice to have respect and openness, and to be able to learn from each other - in fact, it's necessary if we don't all want to keep slitting each other's throats. But I don't think we all need to be the same, believe the same things or have the same spiritual practices. I think I have far more in common with someone from another spiritual path/religion who has a regular spiritual discipline than with someone who has a wholly materialist life and no spiritual practice whatsoever. I still remember the fascinating and very enriching talks about religion and spirituality I had with my Iraqi friends - mostly Shia Muslims, two Sunnis, and two Christians.

When I ask for spiritual help in the Chat or Spiritual area, and a Catholic says: I'll light a candle to Mary in Church; a pagan says: I'll do a working with Brigid; a Buddhist says: I'll give a flower to Kwan Yin; and a Protestant says: I'll pray to the Lord - I am grateful for all these demonstrations of love, which all move from the soul of the person.

To return to Tarot, the soul is what directs us when we read at our best. That is what makes reading tarot a spiritual practice, even if we don't do it consciously.
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