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Originally Posted by rabidwolfie
I used to try having the other person there when I was interpreting & writing, but they get so impaitent & want it done immediatly, or they keep interupting me & my concentration becomes shattered.
It's the sitter who is the important one, not us. Right there is the source of your exhaustion. You're more worried about how you did with the reading than how much you've helped them so you're very tensed up. If your focus were to be all outside on being of service to your sitter, the flow of energy wouldn't be all bottled up inside you causing pressure.

Also, sometimes I like to set the paper aside for several hours & things just click as soon as I come back. And yet, my energy is only drained when I'm interpreting the cards. When I explain the finished product to whoever wanted the answer, I'm usually anxious & full of excited energy to find out how much I got right.
You're so anxious and full of excited energy to find out how much you got right! Well, refer to what I just said. You're more interested in you, not in being of service to your sitter. We're all glad when we find we've hit something right, but as you explain it here, you're more excited for how good you're going to appear than in whether you've helped your sitter or not. That's probably why you want to write everything down and come back in a few hours, too. If you were to just conduct the reading in person, you're on the spot and can't do your second-guessing like you can with this several-hour process done in private.

Despite several years of off & on "practice" I still consider myself quite the amature. Maybe that's the problem. I haven't mastered holding back.
The problem is that you haven't mastered putting the sitter's well-being before your own ego. It's a common problem that we've all experienced, so don't feel alone. Start making the sitter and being of service to them your focus. Sit right there with them and make it a dialogue. That's where the magic is. You'll feel energized then because the energy of the Universe will be flowing between the two of you.

Keep at it. You're going to be an amature forever if you're like me---I'll always feel like one, but it's probably best that way. It keeps me humble.

And by the way, you're not always going to get things right so don't let that stress you. You're not supposed to. Some of the messages the Universe has for our sitters aren't meant to come through us. We're not supposed to hog the whole show.
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