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Originally Posted by retrokat
Funnily enough, because I'm overseas, I have the opposite experience re Amazon vs Resellers. Amazon (unless you want to pay horrendous airmail fees) can take up to 3 months to arrive! They use a system that's even lower priority than Sea Mail - basically the J-Bag waits on the dock until there's 'spare' space in containers.

From some resellers, I've had my books/decks/DVDs etc arrive in Australia within a week - they despatch from whatever international warehouse has stock, eg I recently got a book on video compositing, in English, sent from Germany after ordering on Amazon US.

Good to check the rating though - many of the biggies have over 95%. If I could rate Amazon I'd be giving a lower rate than that for overseas transactions! Hasn't user-rating made a huge difference to us as consumers, I love it
Wow, that's absolutely crazy. But, without Amazon, we wouldn't have the reseller option, you know?

Sooner or later there should be an Oz Amazon, one would think.
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