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Religion? well... I think I have a weird view about it.

I, for one, refuse to worship any being. I might feel reverence, awe, or acknowledgement (heck! I can feel that towards human beings!) but I refuse to kneel down to anything.

And those three reactions I might feel are quite hard to pry from me.

I don't really believe in aything except perhaps infinity... I do believe that existence must extend in any way possible. I can't really find the arguments but I still kind of trust in that idea, so I think that's the closest to a religious thought in me. If existence is infinite, I'm a dot, but a hypothetical god also is. Perhaps there's an omnipotent god up there but... if there is, I can't understand it or its motives, so what do I care about it; and if it's omnipotent, what does he need me for.

But if existence is actually infinite... there must be every combination possible, so there must be not a god, but an infinity of them. And yeah, by a definition, a god is quite important. But hey, the Milky Way is quite more important than Phobos and Deimos, and what do they care?

About tarot... Well, I like it. I think it's really a beautiful thing. It's also fun, and makes you think. Its simbology its quite powerful - it has quite a way of stimulating imagination. If existence is an infinity, maybe it's fractal-like. If it's fractal-like, it mimicks itself in different scales. And reality does mimick itself in different scales - look at orbits, a structure expressed in a lot of scales. Maybe if we focus the right part of reality... we can look at something that's repeated on another scale. That way we could extract information from an apparently disconnected source...

Perhaps the tarot is an example of that. Perhaps not. Perhaps what I said is just bollocks XD I'm not even sure of it myself (nor want to!)

I also feel that existence is beautiful, but that's an aesthetical thing. Perhaps not absolutely beautiful - but mostly so. And if not beautiful or enjoyable, at least entertaining.

Perhaps divination techniques are attempts at getting passwords for decoding noise (I really like information theories), perhaps it's just a bunch of lies, but I don't care about that: I like it and that's what matters for me.
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