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yay for more people joining! We've got quite a group going here
I'll list my rules as well, just to get it all official-like:

1. I will continue journalling a card a day (or maybe two, if feeling really ambitious some days) from my VR until I have completed the entire deck--I'm about halfway through right now. When that is complete, I will journal every reading I do with this deck for the duration of my IDS.

2. I will only use the VR for study, idle shuffling, readings and anything tarot-related until the Noblet correspondence course begins in June or July, at which time I will study with that deck, and also continue using the VR (and journalling) for everyday readings. I'll keep on with the VR until I feel the time is right to introduce a new deck--this part is still a bit hazy, but I'm not going to worry about it right now.

3. I will not buy any other decks until this study is finished--probably at least for six months or so. The only book I will use is the VR companion book.

4. I will reward myself with something special when I finish the IDS and the Noblet course--I'm thinking something fabulous from baba's store
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