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I, Sinduction, pledge that I will use only my Tarot Art Nouveau for 90 days, starting on the 19th. I think this may make my Gilded jealous.

I pledge to do a 5 card reading everyday and journal one card a day (for 78 of those days). With the 5 card, I also hope to better my storytelling.

I pledge that Tarot Art Nouveau will be the only deck I leave the house with. And boy, is my back glad to hear that!

While I can't say I won't handle another deck, since I need to for the bags I make for others, I will not read with any other deck.

I will still trade though, since I'm trying to unload some. And, since I'm not a big buyer (I only have 8 decks) I may still buy. But I really don't see this happening.

I'm not sure how I feel about books yet. I read a lot. But I do have a couple books that fit the criteria and I will actually look through them before this starts to see if they may help.

I further pledge to help my fellow IDSers as much as I can.

The hardest part for me is going to be journaling. I will have to buy a notebook. And some pretty pens!

Good luck everyone
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