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the significator factor

someone posted significators "blecccchhhh" ... and i never really liked being limited to the queen for a mature woman , king for a mature man thing but i do like to use a focus card ( any card in the deck that i think represents the subject at hand )or object ( like in the case of a relationship spread a picture of the couple or in a business related question a business card). In an open reading, as in there is no formulated question you are asking the cards a favorite object or something that one feels closely associated with...
that said i do all this stuff mainly for myself and usually chose a Court card or Ace or Major for other people.
i recently saw a post where the author expressed dismay that by choosing a significator one is messing with the spread because one might "need" the card later for a good reading, but i feel that it enhances focus of a reading.

ps really interesting thread
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