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Additional information on Hathor, Bast and Sekhmet and the imagery in the card compiled from various sources.

The bird flying off to the left of Hathor suggests her legacy as the goddess of the sky and the sun. Hathor was often portrayed as a cow because the concept of the sky as a cow was a widespread belief.

The Seven Hathors were a group of seven goddesses who were created in Hathor's image. They assisted her in nursing activities and acted as fairies around a newborn's cradle.

Bast is sometimes depicted holding a lioness mask, suggesting hidden ferocity and emphasizing her association as a gentler, more benign form of Sekhmet. Bast was considered to be a good mother, linking her to the Empress, who is the archetypal mother. As the lioness and female cat are protective of their offspring, so is the Empress.

Sekhmet is further connected to Hathor by the myth of Ra sending Sekhmet to destroy men who he felt were conspiring against him. After the battle, Sekhmet's bloodlust was such that she destroyed almost all of mankind until Ra tricked her into drinking pomegranate-tinted beer that she thought was blood. Once she was drunk, she gave up the slaughter of mankind and became an aspect of Hathor.

The garden that she sits in suggests a place of inner spirituality and peace; it's also associated with the mind or the unconscious. The appearance of the harvest near Hathor gives a clue as to her inner state - the fruit of her garden suggests the fruit of her loins (originally Horus, whose depiction can be seen on the wall behind he)r.

The color green creates a balance of energy. It heals the heart and helps in overcoming the fear of giving and of sharing. It promotes reconciliation, harmony and balance. It represents renewal and symbolizes fertility and growth. It also reprsents abundance, vitality, nature, success, good luck and beauty. Hathor's dress is emerald green, which attracts love and fertility. It also symbolizes money, prosperity, wealth and peace of mind.

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