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9 of Pentacles

Luxury vs. poverty
Serenity vs. self-doubt
Responsibility vs. carelessness


Reason vs. illogic
Engagement vs. withdrawal
Communicating vs. silence


Control vs. chaos
Success vs. failure
Direction vs. aimlessness

11:2:1 The Hermit (Tarot of Prague)

1. Lost, confused, need to get away
2. Acceptance of being on the path
3. Seeing a glimmer of light
4. Finding a guide
5. Discovering a truth
6. Being a guide

11:2:2 I think Iím around step 4. I feel like working with the cards is really helping me find my way. I canít say that I have discovered any kind of truth yet, and I know Iím a long way from being a guide.

11:2:3 I'd like to get to the next step -- discovering something true. I'm not sure what can move me there. I think it's a matter of patience (another meaning of The Hermit, and one that's difficult for me to practice) and sticking with this journey. Maybe I need to align myself more with the lantern image on the card in order to find what I'm looking for.
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