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For Starling and Prism

Choosing a new card is sometimes a great idea, as Starling has done. I have switched cards at time for the reason that my life has changed during the course of following this thread and these 21 steps. Having the "right" card can help you feel more aligned with the flow of your life.

Sometimes a new card lets you move past a block that you have encountered. Another card won't change the situation but it may help you see it differently.

And, last of all, there is patience. Prism, when we encounter any kind of a block or a dissatisfaction point, the recognition of that issue, combined with the decision to wait a bit, gives the universe time to bring something else to you that you need. An answer, another perspective, a clarifying experience. Do keep on with your exercises, take whatever time is needed. I'll soon be going to our next step. Dave
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