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Originally posted by Mari_Hoshizaki
There were a series of books somewhere that had a whole lore of dragonriders who were linked with the minds of the dragons and were allowed by the dragons to ride them...I like this take.
That's the "Dragonriders of Pern" series by Anne McCaffrey.....
I highly recommend reading them.....but of course I'd say's the reason for my title above my avatar...
the people of Pern are actually earthlings who colonized the planet and the genetically engineered the dragons into thier enormous size....were talking airplane size. What is interesting and funny that you mention Pern, the riders where protcetors of the inhabitants of the planet. They would not fight each other but an organism that fell from the sky, a very distructive and deadly thing....devouring animal and vegitable anything. To stop the "Thread" as it's called, the dragons would eat phosphine based rocks and then blow fire. As the telepathy goes. There is the day of hatching, canidates as young as 12 stand around the eggs. As the dragons hatch, they choose who will be thier rider by making what is called an "Impression"....this is when a 4-5 foot clumsy dragon stumbles towrds it's rider, tears them to shreads with baby sharp claws in a hug of love and union and 'says' name is.....
Now, you have opened up a whole new door, I'm shocked at myself that I did not apply the pern dragons ways to the Fey's
Maybe the Fey did not choose her mount? chose her!
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