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Wow! So many interesting variations!

The one I use seems to be the most common one here:


and with the most common attributions. I don't use a significator, because I too feel that any card should be available to any position rather than being consciously selected. But I also modify individual cards after the layout has been read, if the querent desires more information. Sometimes I will overlay the whole thing with one more card each (adding adjectives to nouns, if you will), sometimes I will ask which aspect(s) the querent needs more information about and simply add one or two cards there.
A friend of mine builds something like this into his regular readings; his #10 position is automatically four cards: the main one and three modifiers. His staff therefore has a big knob on the end. (Apologies to fantasy author Terry Pratchett!)

I want to thank several of you for great ideas; I'm particularly impressed by the chakra system, and by the one which uses two columns framing the cross, one for the positive influences and one for the negatives.
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